Horseback Riding Lessons

Horseback riding lessons and Horsemanship lessons: learning how to work with them.

At Pathways on Pleasure Valley we encourage positive leadership, both in the way that we run our organization, and in the way we work with and lead our horses. We believe that leadership is something you earn from the ones who choose to follow, and that it is earned through trust, balance and true kindness. Some say this is horse whispering, but we believe it is simply the appropriate way to behave among and communicate with these beautiful creatures. We prefer not to call ourselves horse trainers, but rather, “partners of horses.”

We look to our horses to teach us how to work and communicate with them. Each animal has its own character, its own “personality” that must be honored in the relationship between horse and trainer, between horse and rider.

Horses will be horses. Some say they are the most beautiful of all the creatures on earth. For us here at Pathways on Pleasure Valley, they are certainly the most treasured. We invite you, each and every one of you, to join us in learning to appreciate all the things they are. Whether you’re looking simply to learn how to ride them, or more deeply learning to understand and appreciate them, we have experienced instructors and thoughtfully designed lessons that can help you reach the level of horsemanship that’s right for you.

Riding Lessons

For beginner and novice riders we offer horseback riding lessons in western style for riders age 7 and older. We currently have students of all ages ranging from 7 to 60+, and we welcome students 70+. You’re never too old for riding lessons.

  • For riding lesson schedules please contact the office.

Advanced Riding Lessons

For advanced riders, we offer semi-private lessons. If you like to partner up with someone who has the same level of horseback riding experience as you, talk to us to schedule an assessment and we’ll find a suitable partner for you. These advanced riding lessons include:

  • Western Gaming
  • English/Western Dressage
  • Advanced trail riding training

Ground Work Lessons

Did you know that anything you do on horseback can also be done on the ground? Groundwork is one of the most important aspects of horsemanship, and unfortunately one of the most undervalued and underappreciated. Let us help you learn how important it really is, from the ground up! Lessons include:

  • Basic horse psychology and body language
  • Correct body language for round penning

Advanced Ground Work Lessons

Advance ground work lessons build on the basic techniques introduced in the first level ground work lessons (above). Our experienced instructors will help you advance your skills in these important aspects of horsemanship. Advanced lesson topics include:

  • How to lunge a horse
  • Basic driving from the ground

Ultimate Horsemanship Lesson package

Let us help you learn to bring a horse from green to trained. The Ultimate Horsemanship Lesson package is our most comprehensive lesson package and is available only to those who qualify. If you are interested in learning more about this package and its requirements, please call our office at 905.649.2888 and we will be happy to discuss the details and answer any questions. The Ultimate Horsemanship Lesson package includes:

  • 6 Private lessons per month for 6 months
  • 8 Group lessons per month for 6 months
  • Part boarding one of our trained equine partners for 6 months
  • 1-year membership to access our trails and facility.
  • 1-year boarding for the horse in training

Pathways will provide helmets for Assessment rides only. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee their fit and function for safety. Riders must wear proper riding footwear and their own approved ASTM/SEI helmets. Riding boots must have a minimum ½” heel and maximum 2” heel. Please NO running shoes, NO platform boots, NO open-toed shoe are allowed around horses or riding areas. All long hair should be tied back. Jeans are allowed, but no baggy clothing!

  • How to lunge a horse
  • Basic driving from the ground
Arrival Time
  • Level dependent

Lesson Packages and Prices

  • One Private lesson at $130/person
  • One Semi-private lesson at $110/person
  • 6 Private lessons at $720/person
  • 6 Semi-private lessons for couples at $630/person
  • 10 Private lessons at $1000/person
  • 10 Semi-private lessons for couples at $850/person
  • 8 Weeks Group Lessons at $600/person

*All 10 lessons must be completed within the first 12 weeks of registration.

*Payment is due at the beginning of the month on or before the first lesson. Listed prices are subject to HST. Credit Card add 3% administration fee.

Membership – Horse Part Boarding

Opportunities are limited to students passed level 3 test at Pathways. Please contact the office for details.

Lesson Package A

  • One private lesson per week
  • One day companion with a horse per week (on a trail closing day)
  • Two guided trail rides per month
  • Price starts from $500/month

Lesson Package B

  • Two private lessons per week
  • One day companion with a horse per week (on a trail closing day)
  • Two guided horseback trail rides per month
  • Price starts from $720/month